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Dear sisters and brothers,

Greetings of love in the name of the Lord and Mother Mary. We hope that you are still coping with the present situation of our country with our new leadership and the pandemic. May God continue to protect us and our country through our leaders.

We are writing to share our joy and happiness for the very successful and prayerful Shrine Days for this year 2021 even with the modifications. We believe that all who visited the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in the Diocese of London, did enjoy the Shrine Days since we missed that last year. With the providence of God we were able to successfully complete the Shrine Days this year during this pandemic.

It is indeed our pleasure to remember every person who contributed and dedicated themselves to our Shrine Days so that we could have grace filled and beautiful liturgical services amidst so many challenges. We would like to thank all who support us spiritually and morally even by your mere presence. Especially, we are so grateful to our dear volunteers who became the back bone for making this event successful. We really appreciate your selfless service during these difficult times which helped a lot to have the liturgical services flow in a well ordered and meaningful way.

Also we are grateful to our St. Patrick’s community and to the Shrine Committee for their encouragement and support. Special thanks to all the priests of our Diocese who presided at each of the Shrine Days. They inspired us with their reflections and enriched and nourished us with the celebration of the Eucharist. We thank all our dear pilgrims who give us continuous support.

The Shrine is open for all throughout the whole year for public and personal prayers. Please keep visiting the Diocesan Shrine and give your financial support for its growth. We the Rosarians pray for your intentions before the Blessed Sacrament daily.  Stay safe and healthy. May God bless you all.

The Rosarian Fathers