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Shrine Gallery

Make a yearly pilgrimage during Shrine Days. Experience a journey of spiritual significance, an act of Marion devotion, and feel the healing of this holy place. 


SPECIAL DAYS: May 11, 2024 “Walk In His Footsteps”


SPECIAL DAYS: April 21, 2024 Commemorative Plaque “HISTORY OF ST. PATRICK CHURCH”


SHRINE DAYS: Aug 19 2023: Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom (Celebrant: Fr. Romeo Fernandes)


SHRINE DAYS: Aug 17 ~ 18 2023: Rosary Processions


SHRINE DAYS: Aug 15 2023: Solemnity of the ASSUMPTION of MARY (Celebrant: Fr. Antony CR)


SHRINE DAYS: Aug 14 2023: Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of Grace (Celebrant: Fr. Mike Dwyer)


SPECIAL DAYS: May 15, 2022 Our Lady of the Cape Pilgrim Statue  Tour