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Over the last weeks we have experienced a number of positive cases of Covid 19 in our area, with a significant increase in the numbers in the past few days. This is extremely concerning to us for the Church and Shrine. Fr. Antony, Fr. Sebastin and myself, Andy Van Zelst, had a lengthy discussion concerning this increase. We had planned on having a Mass outside in the Shrine on both August 15th, The Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, and August 22nd, The Feast Day of the Queenship of Mary. Regretfully we have decided that the best course of action to protect everyone and keep everyone SAFE is to cancel both of these Masses.
Our concern now and has always been the safety of our parishioners and the pilgrims that come to the Church and Shrine. Guests come from a wide range of areas, from Windsor up to GTA, and we want everyone to stay SAFE. These are difficult times for all and you, and your Families are our greatest concern. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused anyone who had planned on coming out for these days. We ask God to Bless all of you and your Families, to keep you safe and protect you from any harm. We will continue to pray for everyone, and for that day that we can again have all of you out to our Church and Shrine in Merlin. 


Thank You and God Bless

Fr. Antony, Fr. Sebastin, and Andrew Van Zelst, Board of Directors