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My dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings of Peace, Love, Blessing and Joy of the Risen Lord be with You All!

Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for humanity, is risen and lives forever. After the death of Jesus the disciples experienced the presence of the Risen Lord in concrete and tangible way. His death was necessary for the death of humanity (by sin) to rise again to life, life eternal, life everlasting, a life with God forever. What was lost by sin (disobedience) of Adam now restored by the obedience of Christ the new Adam.

Jesus gave new meaning to suffering as an effective means to transform lives and sanctify us. Therefore, with newness in our lives let us look at events, circumstances, burdens, responsibilities, our daily crosses as means of transformation and growth in our spiritual journey. Our call and mission are to move with Lord as credible Christians. Our daily struggles and challenges should bring us closer to Christ the victor.

We the Rosarians wish you and your family be blessed as you celebrate the true meaning of Easter. May your life be blessed with joy and prosperity.

Happy Easter! Alleluia

Rosarians Fathers