Starting the week of September 14th, the Church will have MASS said Daily 6.00 to 7.00 pm for personal prayer on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with mass following at 7.00 pm. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the morning mass will be at 8.00am. We ask everyone to please help us out by cleaning the space you are using after mass or prayers, both the pew you are sitting in and the pew in front. Paper towels are available with a cleaner. Spray the paper towel and not the pew. There is a garbage can at the back that you can use and gloves. There will be a log book at the back of the church by the cleaner that everyone who attends MUST FILL OUT and SIGN. There are sheets of criterias for the mass and prayer that you should read before signing the log book.

The church will be CLOSED after each mass.