Our Lady of Good Success and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre


The Prophesied Prelate for Our
by E. Mary Christie
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Page Count: 103
Cover Type: Softcover
Illustrations: Black-and-white
Ages: Senior students/adults

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Deemed as a rebel in these times of Satan’s prophesied attack on Christ’s holy Roman Catholic Church, the Celestial Father’s Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, against all opposition, fought for, restored, and preserved the traditional spirit of the priests―as foretold by Our Lady of Good Success would be needed post the Conciliar Revolution that would bring about a crisis within the Church in the mid-20th Century. “It is thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre more than any other individual that the Mass is now being celebrated throughout the world… One might hope that all those who now assist at the Tridentine Mass each Sunday outside the auspices of the Society of St. Pius X would appreciate that they owe this inestimable privilege to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. In my opinion, the Archbishop is a saint and will emerge with more credit than any other prelate when the history of these troubled times is written.”
Michael Treharne Davies,
“Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre”
May Archbishop Lefebvre’s brave stand in the defense of Tradition inspire all other courageous prelates to follow his saintly example, and join in the fight to bring the universal Church back into full communion with Tradition, thereby putting an end to these prophesied ominous times. “I believe that the essential point for effectively conducting a spiritual, doctrinal and moral battle against the enemies of the Church is the persuasion that the present crisis is the metastasis of the conciliar cancer. If we have not understood the causal relationship between Vatican II and its logical and necessary consequences over the course of the last sixty years, it will not be possible to steer the rudder of the Church back to the direction given it by her Divine Helmsman, the course that it maintained for two thousand years.”
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, May 2020.