God is Always There


by Joseph Habakurama  Local author  (Chatham, ON)

page 61  describes him sitting at the Shrine in Merlin.

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In April 1994, Joseph Habakurama left his home in eastern Rwanda to attend a conference in Butare some four hours away. On April 6, the events leading up to the genocide and massacres of innocent Rwandan citizens unfolded. Joseph's story begins that night when he was away from his home and his family. Over the next three months more than a million Rwandans were killed and hundreds of thousands of others fled the country taking refuge in neighbouring countries. Joseph's deeply personal and detailed account of his journey through three countries, several refugee camps, and even sleeping under the stars in the forest, to finally reunite with his family is a window into the lives of the thousands of innocent Rwandans who fled their mother country never to return. Joseph's faith in God, who is always there, provided him with the strength to endure unimaginable physical and emotional hardships, and with his family, eventually settle in a new home , what Joseph calls the “ Best Land ," Canada. "Everybody has a story. Mine is not unique but it is mine. I know that many people went through this horrible crisis, but each one of us experienced it differently. Many survivors have shared their sad experiences, and many writers have written about what they saw or witnessed during the Rwandan civil war and genocide. With this book, I share my own experience during and after those terrifying events.